Our team has a great degree of specialization and experience in this type of operations, having participated in a large number of operations of all kinds. The mergers and acquisitions department of the firm is formed by a multidisciplinary team that allows obtaining the best approach to the operation that is proposed, setting the most appropriate formula for each operation regardless of the degree of complexity of it.

Our main areas of action are the following:

  • Mergers, splits, transformations, exchange of securities, non-monetary contributions of business and all types of commercial restructuring operations.
  • Purchase and sale of companies and businesses in general (both purchase of shares and assets).
  • Restructuring of groups of companies.
  • Strategy and investment formulas in business.
  • Divestment formulas in business.
  • Constitution and vehicle establishments to carry out investments.
  • Fiscal analysis of this type of operations and application of the special fiscal regime.
  • Implications in the workplace.
  • Accounting and patrimonial analysis of operations.
  • Reduction of the impact on the IRPF of the Members.
  • Protection of personal assets with respect to business risk.


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