We have a team of lawyers specialized in this area of ​​law who advise on all types of issues related to new technologies, electronic commerce and data protection regulations.

Our main areas of action are the following:

Data Protection and Privacy

  • Audits of compliance with the regulations and adaptation projects to the new European Data Protection Regulation.
  • Advice on the implementation of data protection regulations in compliance with the new European Data Protection Regulation.
  • Implementation of Protocols for compliance with the Data Protection regulations.

Technological contracts

  • Technical assistance and outsourcing contracts.
  • Software licensing contracts.
  • Hiring of computer development, licenses for use and technology transfers.
  • Marketing and business collaboration: distribution, agency and commission of computer products and services, escrow contracts, etc.

Internet and Electronic Commerce

  • Legal advice on regulatory compliance Web page: LOPD, LSSI, LISI, electronic contracting, consumers, abusive clauses, accessibility, etc.
  • Elaboration of General Sales Conditions, privacy policy and cookies, return policies, etc.


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