Professionals with a shared past in the same or in other international audit and tax and legal advising firms and in law offices.

In 2001 we created a professional services firm that offers personalized and integral advising on tax, mercantile, general business legal, financial and accounting matters. 

Counting on a team with more than 30 years of experience, both in advising clients and in the internal management of working groups and projects. To complete our professional goal, in 2016 we joined with an international firm of German origin, ETL GLOBAL, which has more than 800 offices and is present in more than 50 countries around the world. As well as sharing attitudes and principles, this allows us to extend our territorial cover and range of services offered, at the same time reuniting us with many friends and professional colleagues from earlier times.

Along these lines, in January 2018, we incorporated MESTRE ECONOMISTES, from Salou and Tarragona, founded in 1986, with a professional team specialized in tax and accounting advice.

We form a team of lawyers and tax advisors that:

  • Shares common principles of actions, services, and quality levels.
  • Manages a network for the exchange of knowledge, training and professional affairs.
  • Complements its areas of specialization, offering comprehensive advising.
  • Generates a computer system to provide services in a network.


All with the aim of providing a personalized service of high quality and offering solutions for our clients’ businesses, seeking to exceed their quality expectations and pursuing the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

A wise and experienced auditor (Enric Vergés), a mentor to some of us, used to say and still repeats that a good auditor is half monk, half soldier. As Advisors, we take the positive part of these values as our own, complementing them with the inherent skills of the craftsman and the lawyer.

In so doing we wish to reflect that we hold and practise certain values that are hallmarks of our firm: honesty, integrity loyalty, independence, professionalism, responsibility, a spirit of service, discretion, rigour, trust, empathy, a balance between personal, business and professional facets, tolerance, professional solidary and a multidisciplinary approach.




Solutions, Business, People


The members and the whole team get involved and look after clients’ affairs as if they were their own, with honesty, loyalty, professionalism and complete discretion. For us all customers are very important.


Solutions are provided smoothly and quickly, and are designed with professional rigour, experience, business knowledge and innovation.


Different professionals with a single objective of increasing our clients’ profits, with trust and empathy, and filled with a spirit of service.


We seek a lasting, long-term relationship with our clients through prudent, reasonable and personalized fees for each case.


All of our professionals subscribe to the above and we also adhere to the following practice:


  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business
  • Active participation of partners
  • Direct and lasting relationship with our clients
  • Innovation, agility of response and efficiency.
  • The highest quality at reasonable professional fees
  • Wide range and multidisciplinary integration of services
  • No discrimination for any reason or situation


Our experts will offer you the best solution to your query…

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