The Department of Litigation of the firm provides advice in situations of conflict of a civil and commercial nature. Depending on the type of conflict, the work is organized by creating multidisciplinary teams. In addition to the best specialists in Litigation and Arbitration, in each case one of the main experts in the substantive matter that is discussed intervenes. The purpose is to provide added value to clients in each negotiation, in each lawsuit, in each arbitration.

The main areas of action of the department are:


  • Ad hoc.
  • Administered by the main arbitration courts.

Responsibility actions

  • Contractual and extracontractual liability.
  • Professional responsibility

Corporate conflicts

  • Conflicts between shareholders and partners
  • Execution of parasocial agreements.
  • Actions of liability against administrators.
  • Challenging social agreements and decisions of the Board of Directors.

Civil and commercial contracts

  • Urban leases and horizontal property
  • General conditions of the contract.
  • Contracts of agency, distribution, concession and franchises.
  • Procedures for resolution and contractual termination.
  • Procedures on validity, interpretation and execution of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Property, possession, transmission and administration of real estate.
  • Claims for quantity.

Execution processes

  • Execution in Spain of foreign judicial and arbitration resolutions.
  • Personal and real guarantees.
  • Bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes.
  • Legal titles.
  • Payment and exchange procedures.


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